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For years I've been chatting with Sharon founder of this forum and femaledom. Her response has been that after they understand they will not be stripping naked, not have to engage in sex, and, can kick men in their balls all they want, they love girls into ballbusting. Sharon has said she never has to advertise for new girls as they hear about it and contact her with interest as she indicates that kicking men in their balls is something that women naturally enjoy. Indeed, after seeing many hours of her videos, although their scripts and lines reveal some very poor, amateur acting, when the girls see a guy getting busted hard in his balls they break into immediate laughter as he drops, it is too real and they aren't acting they just aren't that good of actors!

It's witnessing those precious moments when they stand around laughing at some poor naked fool holding his balls and moaning that has had me coming back to her site for all these years. I've also talked to "baz" or "jedi" from Kinky Kicks that concur. Their female models DO really enjoy ballbusting men. Ballbusting Legends guy who posts on here also concurs, the girls relish the opportunity. And for those that like CFNM ballbusting, all of the above producers concur that many if not almost all of the models prefer kicking the men in their balls when the guys are completely naked.

All the above are paid models. The question is this - if girls had the opportunity to kick a man in his balls solely for the enjoyment of it and no other reasons, how many would? I think the would be a lot higher than what most would think. Girls enjoy the natural vulnerability men have with their balls, and they want to exploit it.

Girls into ballbusting

Here's a video of a girl filming her friend chasing a young boy around trying to bust him in his balls. She's a pretty girl that talks about why she and other girls so much love to kick men in their balls. She even reveals that when she was in the army she once watched a girl kick a guy in his balls, and despite her not even knowing girls into ballbusting, she tells us she really wanted to see him get kicked a lot harder and talks about how much she would have loved to go over and kicked him in his balls hard enough to really take him down again, without even knowing the guy or why he was busted.

But the following video which was on Myspace is of a girl not being paid, but just telling it truthfully and like it is There are many ladies that come to them without partners, and without being paid.

Girls into ballbusting

The parties, which are mostly CFNM in nature, are all about letting ladies have fun busting the guys balls. Although most can't attend, he has wonderful stories that we can all learn from. It would be fantastic for the real ladies of this forum to talk to us about why they like ballbusting. And if any of you have any videos, stories, or links featuring real, unpaid females that want to ballbust men, please post!

Females that pursue ballbusting aren't open about it for obvious reasons - lighteningjack's discussion exemplifies that. But over the years I've heard many girls saying how much they would like to kick some boy in his balls.

Girls into ballbusting

What I think that girl in the interview and the two videos you posted imply, as well as a fundamental premise of this thread, is something I fully agree with, and that is In fact, not even knowing the guy might add to the pleasure. It comes down to our embracing hidden urges everyone on this planet harbors. For me, it would be the sadistic pleasure of walking up to a guy I don't know, and for no reason other than my own enjoyment girls into ballbusting complete disregard as to what it meant to him - kicking him hard enough in his balls to make him drop to the ground writhing with pain.

I'd then walk away with a big smile on my face never wanting to know him, comfortable if not elated in what I just did. And if he were naked at the time and I could hear and feel that loud slap, it would be even better. And yes, i would sleep quite comfortable in knowing what I did. With the Internet and introduction of ballbusting as a main form of fetish, let's all hope it will become much more mainstream such that that girl in the video interview can actually enjoy the opportunity of kicking you guys in your balls. Your pain is my pleasure. I have for a very long time, since childhood.

Girls into ballbusting

I'm not going to be open about it anywhere but on ballbusting websites with a false name, but I do. It's easier for men to say they like to get kicked in the balls although still hard -- because they run the risk of being called weird. Women run the risk of being labeled as insensitive bitches. If you can get past the fact that I girls into ballbusting take away your manhood in a split second, you'll find that I'm an okay person!

Reply With QuoteAM 7 skipperbob View Profile View Forum Posts Big Supporter Date Jan Location new york Posts Had many sessions through the years, several with women who were not sure they would like kicking me in the balls, but once they got going they found out they loved it! Gave them a feeling of power and control and to see how helpless I was after they kicked me - it was a real turn on for them! I had two of them offer to meet me whenever I was in town just so they could kick me for fun. They said it was hard for them to ask guys about this and they wished more would bring it up - so if you think she might be into it, don't hesitate to ask her, you might find them more willing than you thought!

Just don't force it and make sure you respect the limits she sets if any and you could be in for a great time! A guy once started a website for dommes into ballbusting. He had about 20 such interviews.

Girls into ballbusting

One of the girls said it was a "cathartic" act, which prompted me to look up that word. Catharsis is a Greek word meaning "cleansing", "purging", and a cathartic act is one in which emotions and tension are purged or released. She spoke of ballbusting as a way if getting out feelings of anger, and the men's balls were a type of punching bag. But she said that unlike a punching bag, seeing the men drop in agony as a result form her kick was the real catharsis. Most of the other dommes answered in a somewhat similar way.

So it is not surprising to see that like Jewels, girls share in such a release in ballbusting. And I agree with Jewels in that ballbusting is growing in popularity and becoming a more mainstream fetish, which is a good thing! He said he got very little response to his post in various other forums. I was wondering if such a party could actually take place here in America. Read LighteningJack's post about that. He talks about how he was successful, but, how forums like this are a waste of time for people that wan real life girls into ballbusting.

I don't know why people think forums like this could possibly be a way to start such a party. It is the wrong place to get participants and would never work. I know as I've tried other similar type of gatherings.

One needs to advertise in the local rags and mags that are dedicated to the fetish. Craigslist is girls into ballbusting good place to talk about the events not as in "adult services" but in just party gatherings. When i got off the sex forums and went with standard ways of getting a gathering, it was surprising how well it worked.

I'm not embarrased or care what others think about what we do. I openly tell my friends about it, and even bust him in public. I mean its not for everybody, but I love sharing what I love with people. Ok, not everybody may be so very free to tell about it. But at least here on the internet I can see no reason to hold back. Still there are quite few women. Girls into ballbusting has to be something else. Btw, women also laugh or grin if it's about a pecker beeing amputated. That doesn't mean anything. Woman laugh if they don't know what to do else. Yes a lot of the girls on my site are paid as well, but a lot of them are not, and some of them get off on it almost a little too much, which they say is payment enough oh and all of them are indeed real girls.

My site is a c. Then the internet definitely is a good thing for you. You're quite the legend insofar as taking CFNM ballbusting to new levels. I LOVE your work, and know you have other fans. What would be really refreshing is to introduce the girls in the beginning, let them talk a minute as to why they enjoy kicking men in the balls, them bring out the naked guy and let them go to town.

It's very erotic when they constantly inspect his balls up close, or if one holds up his penis exposing his entire nut bag to the other girl for easy targeting. And when those moments are real, it in my opinion doesn't get any better. He says that they often stand around giggling about the busts showing their enthusiasm and enjoyment while thinking the camera is off. Brat Princess even did post-video interviews with the girls following up on what they enjoyed most about the session I think that female sadism is an attractive and hot aspect of ballbusting, and when the girls can say, without concern or reprisal or guilt, that they simply love hurting a man by kicking his balls and we give them the opportunity to do that, for real, it is incredibly hot!

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Girls into ballbusting

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