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In what some may call vigilante justice, Thomas Fellows poses as an underage teen to lure men on the Internet and then live streams the videos on YouTube when they show up in person.

Kik captures

Armed with cameras and kik captures vests, Fellows and a small team gear up to expose older men hoping to meet young boys and girls for sexual encounters. They reach out to me first. They ask me my age and I tell them I'm 13 and they are supposed to block me and have me banned. While Fellows says some people will do the right thing and ban his profile, he says a majority of men have no problem quickly advancing the online conversation. Sometimes it starts with a conversation, then nude photos and then wanting to meet within 30 minutes. We let them know we can get them counseling and some type of help.

Kik captures

Fellows says it's unbelievable how many men are willing to risk going to jail to meet up with minors. In another sting, Fellows says he busted a man who wanted to pay money to meet up with a year-old boy. Sadly, Thomas says some of the men he confronts admit what they are doing is kik captures, but still did it anyway.

Out of the last 35 sting operations Fellows and his team conducted, he says about two dozen ended with an arrest. Fellows is proud of a recent arrest out of Woodland Park involving a man who was arrested and formally charged with committing a very similar crime just over a year ago. Robert A. He has an upcoming court hearing on July He has a court date set for July 12 for this case. You can view Fellows' video sting operations on his YouTube Channel. He says he has no plans to stop busting alleged predators. Q: Does Mr. Fellows have a law enforcement background? A: Kik captures. He does not carry a gun or have any type of law enforcement.

He is considered a citizen with a camera. Q: Do police support his efforts? A: He says he's received mixed feedback. Some law enforcement agencies will respond to his calls when he busts alleged predators, but some agencies have told Fellows that they will not get involved in what he does.

Kik captures

Q: Is Mr. Fellows using someone else's photos to pose as an underage minor? Fellows says he's using "modified" pictures of himself on the Internet. There are multiple apps that allow people to "touch up" or change their features. However, News 5 has elected not to disclose in this broadcast how to alter photographs. Q: What apps are Mr. Fellows using? Q: What kik captures of charges are these men facing after getting "busted"? Q: Why did Mr. Fellows get involved in these sting operations?

A: He says his son was molested a decade ago and he has little sympathy for men who prey on children.

Kik captures

Have a story idea you'd like News 5 Investigates to look into? News News5 Investigates. Actions Facebook Tweet. Father poses as underage minor to catch child predators; Police make multiple arrests Captures livestreamed on Colorado dad's YouTube. In what some may call vigilante justice, a Colorado father poses as an underage teen to lure men on the Internet and then live streams the videos on YouTube when they show up in-person. By: Eric Ross. Colorado Ped Patrol. Copyright Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

Kik captures

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