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Two lost dogs dogs hanging out in my yard



10/22-Heards Mtn. area, two very friendly dogs showed up at our back deck, both wearing hidden fence collars but no contact information. One was a small beagle type, the other was a larger (45-55 lbs.) light colored mixed breed, perhaps some lab.

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One Response to “Two lost dogs dogs hanging out in my yard”

  1. meride says:

    If the collar was bright orange and one was a girl they may be from Crown Orchard (on spring valley rd). I live in Heards and found a girl multi colored dog in my laundry pile downstairs. She came in through the cat door. She did have a id tag. I called the number and they didn’t realize the dog was missing and said I did’t have it. But I did. We brought her back to the peach orchard when it was open and it was their dog. The phone number is in the book under Crown Orchard

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will Payne

22920 - Afton

10/23/2009 @ 12:14am